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Please connect with Helen Carey on all Registrar needs. Below are some of the most common questions divided out in sections.

We have added links to needed information in the right hand margin.

Any questions please reach out to Helen or the appropriate party listed below.

Helen Carey



All players must have current USA Hockey number to add player to roster.

All Players that are 17 and older must complete SafeSport to be added to roster.

Managers must complete SafeSport to be on the roster and around the players. The training is valid for 12 months from April 1st to March 31st.

Managers must also complete NCIS screening every 2 years. Our organization number is #35615801.

Coaches must complete the above, plus additional requirements that can be found on the Coaching Requirement page under Resources.


Must be with Teams at all times.

Binders contain the following:

  • Player's Biirth Certificates
  • Signed consent to treat for each player, coach and manager
  • Signed code of conduct pages for each player, coach and manager
  • Tier 1 Elite Signed policy for National Bound Teams
  • Game sheets


Managers will assist the coach in making all travel arrangements and obtain travel permits when required.

Travel permits are obtained through Deb Hellwig of Mo Hockey

Ice Management

Please connect with Matt Heffington for any Ice Management needs.

Link to Google Form Message: Please fill this out on all Ice trades or sells. This form is only accessible by managers and coaches.

Link to Google Doc for all Club Ice: Please email Matt at for a link to Club Ice

matt Heffington

Ice Management

Team Managers

See separate attachment

Bank Account, Credit Card or Reimbursements

Please connect with Aaron Vickar on all Treasurer Needs.

Aaron Vickar


Communication & Social Media

Coaches and Managers, Please submit team highlights to the following email address.

Also added a link with a button to the right. Kevin Duy will be sharing on various social media platforms.

Kevin Duy

Social Media

Apparel & Logo

Our logo is the blue note with no year identified in the note and the Arch with the Blue note in middle for apparel.  No one is allowed to alter our logos or add to either.  

The only authorized dealers of our Trademarked Logo are TGP/Greg Royer.

Marriott Bonvoy

Please click on the link for more information with our Marriott Bonvoy privileges for traveling AAA Blues teams.

Helmet Stickers

Helmet stickers can be ordered in our online store (link above or under Resources) or through Helen Carey at For example of how to add stickers, please see image on the right.

  • Front AAA Blues plate above cage

  • Left side/Right side Blue note

  • Back Player Number

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